Why HonFX?

HonFX is a global Securities, Futures, Forex brokers, which provides world-class trading experience for over 20 countries’ institutional clients and 50 countries’ retail clients around the world.Our team members come from all around the world. They have the main markets trading experiences from Europe to North America.

The best trading environment all over the world

We provide low market spreads, no re-quotes, STP, absolute transparency and the latest trading technology for all of our clients.

low market spreads
no requited price
Absolute transparent transaction
Latest technical support

Funds security

According to the requirements of international investment laws, the company has an obligation to protect the interests of customers. Therefore, HonFX has taken all necessary measures to ensure the safety of the customer's funds

Funds segregated
All client funds are deposited in separate customer bank accounts. These funds will not be displayed in the company's asset list. The funds still cannot be used to repay creditors even if it is almost impossible for the corporate defaults. Only the customer has the right to extract.
Bank account
HonFX operates an operating account and an independent bank account for each customer in the international well-known banking institutions, such as Citigroup , Barclays, etc.
Risk management
HonFX has a world-class team which identify, assess, monitor and control risks in the operation. In particular, the senior managers’ responsibility in risk management is as follows: follow-up the current policy, arrangement and supervision effectiveness, determine the company's risk tolerance and strategies, audit the risk assessment report by the risk management department and take the necessary measures, ensure that the company always has the ability to meet financial needs and capital requirements.

Overall client support

HonFX has set up the master server among the global three data centers in the world . It can be used to connect 17 liquidity provider with fiber optic physical and add multiple virtual servers according to the clients’ area. The clients can link our server millisecond all around the world, which ensure every order carrying out rapidly.

HonFX supports all types of transactions, including EA automated trading, ultra short-term scalping trading, and provides first-class technical support for different types of clients.

HonFX ready to provide quality service for our clients who can contact our online customer service according the information we offered, solve problems quickly.

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